Saint George Beach Naxos
The one and only travel guide to Saint George (Agios Georgios) Beach in Naxos Town, the most famous and most popular resort on the island

Getting around

Car, motorbike or on foot?

Unless you plan to explore Naxos Island, you don't need a car or motorbike. If you decide to spend all your time at Saint George Beach and you will only move between the beach and Naxos Town, the best way to move around is on foot.

If however you wish to explore the island, there are plenty of car and motorbike rentals to suit you budget and needs. Due to its landscape and beauty, Naxos Island for excursions, walking tours, mountain biking and almost any kind of adventure. Naxos Island has over 500 churches to visit, some of them are very important with long history. Over 40 villages wait for you while some castles are almost perfectly preserved.

Landscape is unique, a combination of mountains, valleys, rivets and beaches will take your breath away. No doubt, your excursions will be memorable.

Proxomity to Naxos Town center is an advantage of Saint George Beach resort and the resort can also be your starting point to explore Naxos Island